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Discover First European Salon in Mountain View, California!
We provide modern E-file technique of Dry Manicure and Pedicure, KART Pedicure
and eyebrows services (tint, shape, lamination).
Our skilled technicians prioritize precision, hygiene, and a personalized experience for every client.

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Our services
In our studio you will receive high-quality service
E-File Dry Technique Manicure Services
Introducing our Dry Manicure, where modern technology meets nail artistry.

In this service, we use an e-file to gently remove the cuticles and dead skin, ensuring a clean and precise finish. This method gives a superior adhesion surface for nail polish or gel, resulting in a longer-lasting, perfectly manicured look.

Unlike traditional methods, the dry manicure does not involve soaking your nails in water, thus preventing the natural nail plate from expanding. This results in less chipping and peeling of the polish.

Pedicure Services
Our Dry Pedicure service eliminates the need for water. Instead, we use advanced tools to exfoliate dry skin, remove calluses, and smooth rough patches effectively.

This innovative approach allows our tools to work directly on dry skin, targeting and removing stubborn calluses more effectively. The lack of water also ensures a safer and cleaner pedicure experience by eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.

You can expect a longer-lasting finish. Nail polish adheres better to dry nails, providing a durable and flawless result.

Eyebrows service
Discover our Brow Shaping service, where our experts custom-design your brows to suit your unique features.

Experience our Brow Tinting service, using only top-quality dyes for a polished, long-lasting look.

Try our Brow Lamination, the ideal solution for uneven brows, adding volume and fullness while maintaining a sleek shape for up to 2 months.

All treatments are carried out by our dedicated professionals, aiming to enhance your natural beauty and comfort, and deliver the perfect brows you've always wanted.
Price list
Including E-file Dry manicure, nail shaping, cuticle care and hand massage. Gel or regular polish of your choice.
from $60 to $130
We provide 3 types of pedicure:
SMART pedicure including nail shaping, dry foot treatment and cuticle care with e-file machine and type of coat of your choice.
KART pedicure including treatment of feet with special cosmetics and cuticle care with dry e-file technique, type of coat of your choice.
EXPRESS pedicure (only toes) including nail shaiping and dry method cuticle care with e-file machine, coat of your choice.
from $60 to $160
We provide 2 types of eyebrows services:
Tint+shape (or separate tint/shape)
Lamination (including tint+shape)
from $30 to $100
Our Team
  • Yara
    Founder & Nail technician
  • Lena
    Nail technician
  • Mlava
    Nail technician
  • Ilmira
    Nail technician
  • Sasha
    Nail technician
  • Elena
    Eyebrows technician
  • Hely
    Nail technician
  • Yana
    Eyebrows technician
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